Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Loving Friendship

Listen to this advice from Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani: "Keep your distance from evil companions. Put an end to the friendship between you and them, and establish a connection between you and righteous folk (as-salihun) Avoid near neighbors if he happens to be one of those bad companions, and get in touch with someone far away if he happens to be one of those who make good friends. Whenever you relate to someone on affectionate terms, a form of kinship will develop between the pair of you, so take a good look at anyone you befriend. When a certain wise man was asked the meaning of kinship (qaraba) he said: Loving friendship (mawadda)."

"The friend of a friend is a friend", so love people if you love God, for you must know that He loves them. It is not always easy to love people, even good people, so what about the Korahs of this world? Love pertaining to the ego is not love, as all the ego knows is to love itself, and what is commonly called love is but a mutual understanding to support each other's egoism. Don't trust your ego, nor anyone else's, for the ego is disloyal by nature. When the spirit gains ascendancy the ego may be harnessed and put to good use, as the Holy Prophet (sallallaho alayahi wasallam) said: "Your ego is your mount", but left to its whims it will take you many miles from your path in search of herbage.

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