Friday, 11 May 2012

Inspired by sis E.

My love is You, my companion is You. 

My religion is You, my faith is You. 

My body is You, my soul is You.
My heart is You, my life is You.
My kaabah, qiblah, masjid, pulpit and Quran are You.
My worship - hajj, alms, prayer, fasting and adhan are You.
My remembrance is You, my reflection is You.
My pleasures are You, my existence is You.
My support, hopes, and trust are You.
My religion and faith are You, my honor is You.
My shame is with You and my glory is with You.
My pains, sorrows, tears and laughter are You.
My pain is You and my respite is You.
My reasons for my happiness are You.
My reasons of comfort are You.
My beauty and youth are You.

p/s : Salam Jumaat Sayyidul Ayyam.

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