Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's all about FEELINGS.


Hmm....Respect other people's space and feelings. Just because i want other people to be like me, doesn't mean that person can achieve it because it depends on his personality. Being a gf or bf is no easy task and frankly, i am so frustrated and sad..But, i know when thing don't go right, it doesn't mean bad...and i am just need to pay price of wasting too much time. I see myself as a human being in my own right, and i have my own destiny to choose and fulfill. Someone said to me, girls should be mindful of their own boundaries,LOVE and respect themselves and others. Is it true? hmm...maybe. 
It's okay habibi ya nurulain....Just go with the flow even sometimes i feel like i am nothing,small,useless or any less. Tapi tak apa lah ... I just need a confident kot...And confidence is not what a person has, but who a person is. Is it right? And i am confident because i know that if everything was taken from me, i would still be ok.....:) . Perhaps....InsyaAllah...Bi iznillah... 

I am trying to working hard and saving money for the future. Things will work out. 

p/s : Jam menunjukkan pukul 1.01 am...dan seharusnya akuu tidur sekarang sebab esok kerja...Ramadhan Kareem!

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